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Here comes the Southern Migration

Now you can look forward to some of the best whale watching Australia has to offer. The southern migration sees the whales heading home, but not before a nice bit of rest and relaxation in the calm, sheltered waters of Jervis Bay. We look forward to seeing you onboard The Spirit of Jervis Bay and Eco-Extreme as Jervis Bay Whales clock up our 16th year of whale watching in Jervis Bay.

Seen the whales? Don't miss our new Jervis Bay 'Hidden Secrets' cruise.

Our Hidden Secrets cruise is the best way to see all that Jervis Bay has to offer. Onboard 'Eco-Extreme' you will get to see the all the hidden secrets of Jervis Bay, previously inaccessible to our cruise passengers, all in under 2hrs. We will choose from the Docks, Hole in the Wall, the cliffs beneath Point Perpendicular, Longnose Point and many of our pristine beaches to showcase the best of Jervis Bay.

Jervis Bay Whales - Tourism Award Winner 2012

Dolphin Watch Cruises has been the most awarded cruise on the south coast of New South Wales for the last 20 years and this year we have 'done it again'. Dolphin Watch Cruises has won the 'Best Tour and Transport' category at the 2012 South Coast Tourism Awards. We pride ourselves in offering the best product on the south coast of NSW and we look forward to seeing you on board soon. Cruise today on Jervis Bay.

Dolphin Watch Cruises - Proudly Supporting our Local Schools

At Dolphin Watch we take pride in showcasing all the best things that Jervis Bay has to offer. As part of our programme to educate our customers, Dolphin Watch has made a huge effort to promote all the facts and information to all our local schools and find that a hands on experience goes a long way to help educate the kids. This image was taken by our friends at Marine Mammal Research.

Jervis Bay Whales - Jervis Bay's leading whale cruise

Conducting whale cruises on Jervis Bay since 1998, Jervis Bay Whales has established itself as the leading whale cruise on the south coast of NSW. Our skippers an crew are the most experienced in Jervis Bay and we pride ourselves on our multiple tourism awards in our efforts to promote Jervis Bay and showcase its natural wonders This image is courtesy of Linda MacGilvray.

Jervis Bay - NSW's premier whale watching destination

Jervis Bay has the enviable reputation of being NSW's premier whale watching destination, and you can see why. Positioned 2 hours south of Sydney, Jervis Bay enjoys a longer whale watching season than most. The highlight of the area is Jervis Bay's prominence on the coast which attracts the southern migrating mothers and their calves inside the Bay for some rest and recreation, all right infront of our customers.

An image to remember

Whilst Jervis Bay Whales staff have always got their camera at the ready for every photo opportunity, as you can see, it our customers who are right there on the front line when it comes to close up encounters with these gentle giants. If you take an picture on our cruise and send it to us, and if it ends up on our 'whale sightings' page we will send you a complimentary free return cruise.

Free Return Cruise - 98% success rate

With Jervis Bay's most experienced skippers and crew, Jervis Bay Whales is able to offer you the 'Dolphin Watch Guarantee' - if you do not see any whales on your whale cruise we will give you a free return cruise to ensure that you do. We haven't had to give many of these out with last years success rate for sighting whales a staggering 98%, so you can cruise with Jervis Bay Whales and know that you will see whales.

Jervis Bay's whale season - May to the end of November

Jervis Bay has one of the longest whale watching seasons in NSW. We are blessed with sightings which run sometimes right through to mid-December. When you are with the whales it will normally just be ourselves and the whales. There are not the crowds associated with Sydney viewing and the whales are more likely to come up and visit our vessel or put on a show just for us.

All these whales against the awesome backdrop of Jervis Bay

Point Perpendicular is probably the best known landmark in Jervis Bay, but there are many more spectacular sights to be seen. Jervis Bay has an abundance of wildlife including seals, dolphins, penguins and an amazing assortment of birdlife. We guarantee not only that you will see whales, but that you will be amazed by the scenic backdrop of awesome cliffs, spectacularly white beaches and incredible wildlife, all on show in the wild.

Sometimes you start to wonder who is watching who?

The sheltered waters of Jervis Bay provide the ideal place for mothers and their calves to rest on their way back down to the waters of the Antarctic. It is incredible the number of times we are able to switch off the engines and let the whales swim right up to the boat. We are always eager to see the whales and as you can see from the image of this whale 'spyhopping' we think they are sometime just as interested in seeing us.

Scientific research

The quality of whale sightings from on board The Spirit of Jervis Bay has allowed us to make great contribution to scientific research to help support the preservation of our whales. We have sponsored numerous academic studies and make our equipment available to bodies such as ORRCA and Marine Mammal Research to help with ongoing observation of the whale population. Please help us support them and join us on board the Spirit of Jervis Bay.

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